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Our Story

Kualuah was founded in 2019 by two passionate divers and surfers in Switzerland with the goal of supporting marine conservation, restoration and research. Our wetsuit and swimwear line helps us to achieve these goals by donating a portion of our revenue to projects, charities and grassroots organisations that protect our oceans and waterways.

Our products are made from bioprene which is 100% neoprene. Bioprene is made of natural raw materials such as sugarcane, seashell powder (reused from the food sector) and edible plant oil. Bioprene doesn't only have one of the lowest carbon footprint in the modern wetsuit production, but due to its superior qualities it's more durable, elastic and warmer than other traditional neoprene. 

We have also established our own charity organization in Switzerland. Kualuah Oceans Matter mobilizes locals all around the globe for ocean and coastal cleaning and raises awareness for great causes via physical and virtual events.

We believe that all businesses should evolve in a way that honors natural resources and biodiversity and helps maintain the equilibrium in our Planet. We want the terms “responsible”, “sustainable”, “environmental-friendly” to become truly meaningful.