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Fashion and Function for our Oceans

Posted by Alessandro Pecorelli on
Fashion and Function for our Oceans

The word Kualuah comes from the Hawaiian words “koa loa” meaning “very brave”. With Kualuah we refer to every person, group or business who is willing to stand up and fight for our Oceans and marine lives.

Our very first collection is dedicated to our Ocean Heroes and Heroines as well as to those who appreciate the combination of fashion and function. 

To enhance your experience, be it diving, snorkelling, surfing, or swimming, our limestone neoprene wetsuits and swimwear are lighter, starchier, warmer, and eco-friendly. As limestone is naturally occurring, it’s less harming to our Oceans than traditional oil-based neoprene. It comes from the sea and can return to the sea.


Let’s turn the tides together.

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